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The Right Real Estate Agent

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People don't talk about it a lot. But finding the right real estate agent can be the difference between a happy, stress-free home renting, buying or selling experience, and an unhappy, stressful experience.

First, you'll want an agent ready and able to make a full-time commitment to you. I can and will do that.

Second, you'll want an agent with the experience needed to know the local neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, ordinances, etc. With my years of experience in the local market - I have the expertise and track record of success you need.

Third, you'll want an agent who embraces the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch. You'll love the resources available on my website and the e-mail alerts that I send, but these will never replace the time I spend with you, serving as your personal guide through this exciting process.

And finally a broker who will work for you with little to no cost to YOU

I specialize in ALL NO Broker Fee and Low Fee Properties in New York City. Most of my listings are in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Let's get together and talk about your home renting, buying and/or selling plans. Call me on my cell phone (917) 397 - 0507 or send me an e-mail, we'll set-up a time that is easy and convenient for you to meet. There is nothing to lose and all to gain.

If you're not ready to meet in person, please tour through this website. I'm sure you'll find the resources here useful and helpful. Enjoy!     





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Barbara Corcoran's Q + A ~ New York Times Real Estate:
American journalist Steven Sotloff apparently beheaded by ISIS militants
9/2/2014 1:41 PM
The barbarians appear to have butchered another American journalist. The Islamic State released another horrific video Tuesday that appears to show the beheading of 31-year-old Steven Sotloff...Read More
SEE IT: Photographer makes video of week in Paris
9/2/2014 1:28 PM
Photographer Hal Bergman created a time lapse video titled "Paris When it Drizzles," using pictures of several sites he snapped during his trip in January for his 30th birthday...Read More
Squirrel becomes sensation after Penn State student befriends critter
9/2/2014 1:25 PM
A Penn State student is gaining an Internet reputation as a "squirrel whisperer" for befriending, feeding and dressing up a furry little friend she has named "Sneezy....Read More
Saudi religious police beat man for using women"s ATM
9/2/2014 1:06 PM
A British man was reportedly beaten by Saudi Arabia"s religious police after using a women-only ATM with his wife at a supermarket...Read More
Trial for indicted Rep. Michael Grimm set for after the November election
9/2/2014 1:06 PM
Grimm, a Republican facing a challenge from Democrat Domenic Recchia, is facing a 20-count indictment accusing him of cooking the books for a Manhattan health food restaurant. ...Read More
Charges dropped: Boy with tumor, family to reunite
9/2/2014 1:05 PM
British prosecutors are dropping the case against a couple who ended up in a Spanish jail after they tried to get treatment abroad for their son’s severe brain tumor, authorities said Tuesday...Read More
Obama begins European trip to address Russia"s new aggression
9/2/2014 1:04 PM
Amid new concerns about vicious Sunni extremists in the Middle East, President Obama departs Tuesday on a four-day trip to Europe to address another crisis - Russia’s aggression in Eastern Europe...Read More
Joan Rivers remains "on life support," says daughter Melissa Rivers
9/2/2014 1:03 PM
Caustic comedian Joan Rivers remained on life support Tuesday as daughter Melissa considered her mother’s medical options going forward...Read More
Low-carb diets are better than low-fat ones: study
9/2/2014 12:59 PM
For weight loss and cardiovascular disease prevention, low carb is the way to go, according to researchers from Tulane University, Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins University in the U.S...Read More
Another U.S. doctor infected with Ebola in Liberia: missionary group
9/2/2014 12:58 PM
Missionary group says another American doctor infected with Ebola in Liberia...Read More

Barbara Corcoran's Q + A ~ New York Times Real Estate:
The Appraisal: After Years of Frostiness, a Selective Co-op Tries a Friendlier Facade
9/2/2014 5:37 AM
River House has been a difficult place to afford and an almost impossible place to gain board approval. But with luxury rivals now blanketing the city, the place is slowly softening its image....Read More
The Hunt: Full of Character for a Lot Less Rent in Bayonne, N.J.
8/30/2014 8:54 PM
Angela Putman and Matt Jackson went looking for a two-bedroom to rent in Manhattan and wound up in Bayonne, N.J....Read More
Ask Real Estate: Fined for Using Airbnb; Scheduling Open Houses
8/30/2014 10:00 AM
Questions about short-term apartment rentals and the scheduling of open houses....Read More
Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan
8/29/2014 2:59 PM
This week’s properties include a Bedford-Stuyvesant townhouse, a Sutton Place two-bedroom and a Chelsea studio....Read More
Homes for Sale in Stamford and Roslyn Harbor
8/29/2014 2:59 PM
This week’s homes include a five-bedroom in Stamford and a four-bedroom in Roslyn Harbor....Read More
Streetscapes: 57th Street: Monet and Renoir Below, Homes Above
8/29/2014 2:25 PM
One of the most remarkable galleries on gallery-packed 57th Street was that of the Durand-Ruel family....Read More
Exclusive: Beresford Apartment for Sale, Home to Broadway Royalty
8/29/2014 12:43 PM
An apartment at the Beresford that was owned by the Broadway composer Mary Rodgers enters the market for the first time in a quarter of a century....Read More
Big Ticket: A Glimpse of the Park for $17.8 Million
8/29/2014 11:31 AM
A three-bedroom sponsor unit in the Marquand, a century-old apartment building, is the sale of the week....Read More
Condos With Pools and Huge Art Along the High Line
8/29/2014 10:30 AM
Two condominiums are coming to the High Line from the architect Soo K. Chan, one of which will include private pools....Read More
Affordable Housing in New York’s Luxury Buildings
8/29/2014 10:00 AM
Private developers have built more than 100 mixed-income buildings over the past decade, mostly in Manhattan and gentrified parts of Brooklyn....Read More